Aurelie SalvaireCurator

Aurelie is the Lead curator of TEDx Barcelona WomenTEDx Barcelona Education TEDx Barcelona Change. She has founded The A Factor to connect changemakers and Shiftbalance to accelerate gender equity. She is also Member of +Social Good Global Connectors.

Nuria OliverCo-organizer

Nuria Oliver is Scientific Director at Telefonica Research (Barcelona, Spain). With a PhD from MIT, Nuria is passionate about technology and how it can empower and increase the quality of life of people. Nuria has written over 80 scientific papers and according to Google Scholar is the most cited female computer scientist in Spain. She has over 30 patent applications and granted patents. Some of Nuria’s awards include a Rising Talent Award by the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society (2009), MIT’s ‘TR100 Young Innovators Award’ (2004) and the First Spanish Award of EECS graduates (1994). Her work has been featured on multiple newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations. In addition, she has given two TEDx talks and a WIRED talk.

Damien BruneauCo-organizer

Damien is currently allowing anyone to create educational mobile game with Marketer and entrepreneur he worked at Deloitte, ShBarcelona and co-founded 3 startups before realizing his vocation for EdTech Startups. Damien co-organize Barcelona Startup Weekend, EdTech Barcelona and write about EdTech and startups at Barcinno. Damien loves languages, learning, food and startups. He speaks 6 languages and lived in 7 European countries.

Nuria BoschCo-organizer

CEO&Founder at Sophia Education Funds. Background in finance, 12 years experience in senior positions in Private Equity Industry (both as GP / LP), the lasts 6 as Investment Director at Baring Private Equity Partners, the previous ones as Director of Financing and Entrepreneurship for Catalan Government(Cidem_Acc10 agency). I defined an implemented an full entrepreneurship ecosystem and other related programs in Financing Innovation involving Public institutions, Universities, private innovation players as well as Business Angels and VC Funds. Parallel to the financial career I have a teaching background ranging from the ownership of a College during 6 years to teaching in diverse subjects/ ages/formation. This is my real vocation. Lecturer, professor and passioned about people and talents. ‘Love is the only way for learning’

Cristina NietoWeb developer & Webmaster

Cristina works on Information Technologies. She’s born in Terrassa (Barcelona), passionate about music and a strong women’s rights defender. She’s currently working @ Insomer as a Web Developer. Her biggest passions are music (she loves to play guitar), animal rights and social causes. In fact she is a volunteer at Fupar.

Right now she’s studying web development and spending most of her free time coding, playing with her loved dog Tona and skating.

Jorge RancéIT related stuff

Jorge was born and raised in the heart of Barcelona, in the Gracia district. He started studying psychology but, because of his interest for everything which involves Information Technologies and his willing to live abroad, he left Barcelona at the age of 19 and started to work for one of the biggest IT companies in the world, in Czech Republic. He’s really passionate about scuba diving (actually, he loves everything which has some relation with the sea), can’t spend an entire day without music and spends half of his time with a photo camera on his hands. He’s the founder of Insomer.

Marta AguilarPress

Periodista amb experiència a gabinets de premsa. Actualment porta la Comunicació de companyies de diversos sectors. És coordinadora de projectes emprenedors i col·labora en diferents mitjans digitals i socials.  Ha estat a programes de TVE, EFE TV, Punto Radio, i a revistes del grup Godó. Ha publicat un llibre amb Empresa Activa amb el títol: Que se entere todo el mundo, guía para pequeñas y medianas empresas para obtener un impacto mediático sin grandes inversiones. A Twitter: @onbdn

Sofía NoguésCommunication

Sofía Nogués is a journalist who has a passion for life, traveling and the sea. Her motivation to become a journalist has always been the same one: give voice to those who haven’t got one. Fighting injustice by shedding light on the issue is just a first step. In order to really tackle a problem, we have to make it ours. She studied abroad in the Universiteit Gent in Belgium for a year and recently graduated from the UAB. She is currently working in Baker & McKenzie.

Iñaki EguiartePublic speaking coach

A public speaking course impacted his life at age 10. Now his aim is to impact other people’s lives by providing public speaking tools and by guiding them into practicing their communication skills.

Aware of the need we all have to communicate more efficiently, Iñaki is a full time coach, working with companies and leaders of change. Follow him on twitter and LinkedIn.

Raquel CaballeroCoach of the speakers

Trainer in Emotional Intelligence and Communication skills. She is also a Social Educator, Lecturer Graduated in Therapeutic Theatre and Appreciative Inquiry. As Emotional Tuner founder provides training among entrepreneurs in business and education area to share and join our intelligence to our emotions, and thus make them great allies. Raquel Caballero is the member team in Tedx Barcelona Women.

Robert FerrerPublic speaking trainer

Passionate about marketing, business strategy and public speaking, Robert joined Toastmasters in 2010. In this organization he has developed leadership roles and performed more than 40 speeches, becoming Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). He has also discovered his passion to train people in public speaking and help them to boost their ideas. After coaching executives and TEDx speakers at events such as TEDxYouth@Barcelona and TEDxGracia, Robert is preparing the launch of, a project to keep learning, keep sharing and keep boosting good ideas. Follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.

Rodrigo SeoaneDesigner

Rodrigo is a creative designer & UX consultant who creates solutions for personal and corporate brands, always seeking new challenges and diverging ideas. He also believes in community building, making strong connections and contributing to positive change where ever he can.
On weekends you can find him spreading good vibes around Barcelona in flash mobs with Good Vibrations Barcelona.

Eva MartínezAudiovisual

Journalist and TV producer. She has worked in the news departments of Antena 3 TV and TV3.
She coordinates a team of professionals specialized in advising and creating audiovisual products for business. Since 2009 she has performed 5 historical documentaries broadcast on the “Sense Ficció” TV3. She’s working on the script for a new documentary.

Sara LilaVolunteer Coordinator

Sara Lila, Nicaraguan, charismatic, potential entrepreneur. She came to Barcelona while studying a Masters in Creating Innovative Companies in UB. Before she take the master, she was working on building communication ecosystem of social entrepreneurs in Latin America. You can follow her on Twitter and Linkedin.

Walaâ HechachStage director

Born in 1993 in Casablanca, Morocco, Walaâ is currently studying Criminology and Policy. After years of being a social entrepreneur -and not even being aware of it- she learned about Ashoka Youth Venture and found out about a whole new world of opportunities allowing her to learn and grow as a person. She is interested in everything that has to do with transforming our society into a better one, as well as figuring out what stops improvements, too. Follow her on Twitter!

M. José IbarraVolunteer

M. José is from Alicante, she has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and passionate about the world of communication, especially social networks. You can folow her on Linkedin.

Avi OferVideo producer

Avi Ofer is a freelance illustrator and animation director. Experienced in projects for a variety of media, including book and editorial illustration as well as direction of animated films, both commissioned and independent. Exhibited in art shows and screened in festivals around the world.

Erika Villanueva-ParavisiniSocial Media

Erika is a Body Psychotherapist. She is active in promoting balance and transformation in people’s life. She also participates in different Education projects where she transmits the ideas of Dr. Claudio Naranjo on Changing Humanity through Education.

Stéphanie GiolWorkshop Coordinator

Stephanie works on Production & Communication in the Digital and Cultural areas. She’s also a French teacher and she leads Cultural Tours for Kids and Families in Barcelona. Passionnated and fervent defender of Emergent Educations and Culture, she believes that those two are the perfect partners to make change happen. Follow her on Twitter.

Elizabeth MalmbergStage assistant

Elizabeth is from Sweden, Stockholm and recently graduated her BA Hons in Event Management in England. She is very passionate about the impact and changes that events have towards the youth in todays society and loves creating new event concepts. On her free time she enjoys socialising, music and reading. Connect with Elizabeth through Facebook.

Chloe MayerVolunteer

Chloé, French, was previously Finance Project Manager in a big international company. She decided to change her lifestyle and go back to things she really likes to do. Teaching, helping and enjoying outdoor sports. She’s passionate about psychology and sociology. She strongly believes that education makes the difference and that everybody should have the chance to get it. Follow her on Linkedin.